Heinrich Himmler and Felix Kersten.

Felix Kersten (30 September 1898 Yuryev (Dorpat), Imperial Russia [now Tartu, Estonia] – 16 April 1960, Stockholm, Sweden) was before and during World War II the personal masseur of Heinrich Himmler. Kersten used his position to aid people persecuted by Nazi Germany


Adolf Hitler with his personal bodyguard Ulrich Graf (far right), and Gerhard Rossbach on the Frottmaning Heath, near Munich

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Erich Kempka, Adolf Hitler and Bruno Gesche

Bruno Gesche was a Lieutenant Colonel of the SS, a member of Hitler’s entourage and commander of Hitler’s personal bodyguard.

Erich Kempka was Adolf Hitler’s personal chauffeur from 1934-1945. He was also SS member #2,803 and served in the Allgemeine SS

I always think that Hitler is doing a Gandalf imitation “you shall not pass”


The Wolf’s Lair

The Wolf’s Lair was Hitler’s first Eastern Front military headquarters in WWII. The complex, located in different parts of occupied Europe, was built for the start of Operation Barbarossa.

I just want to take a good selfie. Why I can’t do this.